Platform tennis can be played throughout the year, but it is far more popular in the colder months. The two courts have heated decks to keep them in playing condition in snowy and icy weather. A Friday night game, combined with an informal dinner  is a popular weekend ritual. Occasionally, matches are played with other clubs in the area, such as the Saturn Club or Country Club of Rochester.

The Club has a long history of competitive shotgun shooting. The events include skeet and trap, as well as the brush walk, an event unique to only a few clubs around the country, which simulates field hunting.  At the end of the shooting season, handicap and scratch shoots are held to identify the Club champions. Closing day is enjoyed by an afternoon of shooting followed by an awards banquet in The Donald Ross Grille.

The Club is also home to two sports that depend totally on Buffalo’s famous winter weather – ice skating and cross-country skiing. When possible, an ice rink is located just outside the Clubhouse. When the snow falls, an interesting and scenic cross-country trail is prepared around the golf course.